Lauwencia, originally from Guadeloupe, I'm 23 years old.


Since the age of 5, I practice high intensity sports.

I started with swimming and then football, judo, volleyball, track&field and now fitness...


Thanks to all these hours of sport, I acquired a very muscular physique since my youngest age,

something that did not please everyone !

During my childhood, I was treated to a lot of negative comments and jokes about my physique:

"You're too strong for a girl ! "

"Stop the sport, you'll look like a boy ! "

"Your thighs are too big, it's ugly"

And many more...


When you're young, you can not always balance things out.

I have experienced it very badly, to make it a complex, not to dare to wear certain outfits,

to confine myself and to lose confidence in myself...

4 years ago, I had a click. I decided to make this complex my strong point.

I started fitness so I could physically transform myself.

From now on, I had the opportunity to be able to highlight my assets, accept me,

love myself as such and have total confidence in myself !

Having practiced, competition at the national level, the sport has aroused at home, the taste of surpassing myself.


The desire to always push my limits, because my goal has always been to progress a little more each day,

be better than yesterday and worse than tomorrow.

Beyond a physical transformation, the sport was very beneficial to me.

It gives me:

- Self-confidence

- Self love

- Know myself

- To know how to listen to my body

- Know how to connect my body to my mind

- A taste of effort

- An incredible mental strength

All of these things helped me to be in peace with myself.

Through my photos, videos and texts, I want to convey the taste of sport and the will to succeed.

To achieve his goals, a little daring !

Every day is a new opportunity to accomplish beautiful things, to work on yourself,

to laugh, to dream and to think even bigger.

It's up to you to take this opportunity !



I created this platform to giving you all the cards needed to achieve your personal goal.

This physical and psychological transformation will bring you self-confidence, self-esteem

and well-being in your daily life.

After this transformation you will be a new person, ready to conquer your new goals.


Train everywhere, anytime

With this platform compatible on all smartphones and computers, you have the opportunity to train whenever you want

and where you want.


You can do it too !



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